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The Plant Bitch Posts

Rosemary Propagation

  1. Cut rosemary sprig off of rosemary plant
  2. Pull the bottom few nodes’ worth of leaves off
  3. Cut the stem with scalpel to expose living tissue
  4. Stick it in water making sure that the cut is underwater
  5. Wait

Moonbase update

Still growing plants in this mf.

New additions since last time: Parsley pot on floor (no room), right shelf has swiss chard, lobelia, green onions, marshmallow, mullein, mugwort, garlic, and the rosemary clippings, none of which have rooted yet.

Transplanting herb seedlings

Some of them were getting overgrown, so we transplanted white sage, mullein, mugwort, lobelia, and wormwood into new pots. The vervain never germinated. Your funeral, vervain

Rosemary Propagation

I cut six clippings from one of the rosemary plants, stripped the last 3-4 nodes on each, scraped the outer layer of stem off with a scalpel, and put them in a cup of water. They will probably root in anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Or they’ll die! Who cares. It’s basically just twigs

Red Peeper

I’ve kept this plant inside since June 2020 and picked the first fully ripe red pepper from it today. It was about 70% the size of a grocery store red pepper, but marginally sweeter. It took a long time though. Good thing I don’t eat a lot of peppers.

Repotting Oregano

I didn’t thin the oregano enough when transplanting seedlings into their small pots. So I put some of them into a window box with a few lil skewers. It’s a ground cover but it’s also my plant and I want it to go up onto the sticks.

You can do anything you want in life. You’re in charge of everything you credibly believe yourself to be, when it comes to oregano, anyway.