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Month: August 2020

Outside Basil

Non-downy-mildew-resistant basil grows really well in full sun. If it weren’t for the mildew, it would be a great idea. Can you spray them or something? I don’t know, this is The Plant Bitch, not The Plant Expert.

Rosemary, Baby Pep

I transplanted the rosemary start into a 1-gallon pot. It’s doing well. I took a few clippings and rooted them in water. They look like you’d imagine. Same plant but less of it.

The pepper blooms got pollinated and grew into a few tiny peppers.

Onions Outside, Baby Pep

You can see the beginning of blooms on the peppers. The blooms turn into flowers, which have both pistils and stamen (I’m pretty sure, it’s been a while since I studied plant biology) and the plant can self-pollinate between blooms. Also, some neighbors grow peppers, which may also pollinate them.

I put some green onions in pretzel rod tubs and set them outside too. They needed more sun, and they grow a lot faster outside with full sun in the summer. You can see that I’ve already ripped pieces off and eaten them. It’s food, I’m allowed to do that