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Month: May 2020

Black Garlic

I didn’t grow this garlic, it’s from the grocery. I cooked it in a crockpot hooked to a variac to maintain some temperature like 140°F for about three weeks. This resulted in black garlic. I wasn’t able to use it in any food, because it was hard, and smelled kind of bad. So I took a photo of it before throwing it out.


Once it was clear that going to the grocery store would give you The Novel Coronavirus 2, I bought some herbs from the garden store. They wouldn’t let anyone in so I stood outside and got someone to bring some herbs to my car. They included this rosemary, which did well, the sage, which was okay, and the thyme, which didn’t smell like anything.

Apparently, some cultivars of thyme don’t smell. They are “meant for ground cover.” That’s fine, but I put it outside and it died, and the smelly thyme I bought later survived, so it also might not be as good at staying alive.

They are planted in an Isopure Protein Powder jug which I cut in half with scissors.