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Month: December 2020


Current moonbase setup: Three houseplants (monstera deliciosa, palm, dracaena marginata) and the rest edible plants. I grew too much basil but I don’t need the space for anything else yet. The upper shelf on left has this 48×20″ heating mat which gets up to about 90°F if it doesn’t have air circulating. This is probably too warm for everything except the Monstera.

Oxheart carrots, parsnip germination

I’m going to try to germinate these. They’re supposed to be hard to germinate. I’m soaking the parsnip seeds in moist paper towels wrapped in foil, and the carrot seeds mixed with seed starter soil over which I poured boiling water. This doesn’t seem like a good idea but it’s suggested in several things I read so why not. It’s just seeds.