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Side Bed

The side of the house has had ivy and weeds growing in it for years. I’m tearing it out this year. I used a hedge trimmer to chop up the above-ground plants, then used a hand tiller to rip out the ivy and weed roots. The soil isn’t good here (mostly clay) and the roots go down pretty far. But let’s see if we can grow something better in this spot.

Raspberry Starts

Got these from someone on Twitter who saw my garden and offered me some free raspberry starts (!!!!) Planted them in regular ol’ soil by the fence. The plan is to tack wires to the fence if they grow well and train them along it, because this side of the fence faces south and it should get plenty of light.

Shitty Carrots

Oxheart carrots (link to seeds) are supposed to grow in regular or crappy soil. These didn’t do so well. They were woody and didn’t taste great. It was worth experimenting with. I need to use deeper pots, looser soil, and, from research, less nitrogen to encourage root rather than foliage growth.

Raised Beds

10″ lumber

2×6″ corner blocks at each junction

About 2000 pounds of topsoil and compost